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How does it work?

Once you submit your SVT Focus into our registry database we will add your info to the running SVT Focus list. Please allow 7-14 Days for your entry to be added to the list.  

We operate this website for expanding the knowledge of how many SVT Focus vehicles are still on the road today. This allows the community of owners to be able to track how rare their car has become. This registry also gives you the SVT Focus owner a real world idea of how many SVT's are around you. Thanks for registering!

Database FAQ

Your name and email will not be displayed on the website database file of the SVT Focus Registry.  We may occasionally email you for more info about your SVT Focus as needed. As we expand the database we will ask for a photo of the vehicle to be added to the registry database. We will contact you via email to obtain said photo if you desire to provide one. We will also let you know of upcoming SVT Focus news and events via the email you have submitted. We will also share this info with partners at Ford as needed.  If you have any questions please contact us at